Finance Programs

With customizable Options to easily meet your customer's needs

Design your program to align with your sales and marketing strategy by choosing from Americorp’s flexible financing options. These options are designed to offer your customers the solution they need to purchase your equipment. The following are our most popular and utilized programs that can be developed as needed to meet the needs of your niche market.¬†

Bridge To Budget Financing


This flexible equipment financing program allows our manufacturer partners to provide a customized solution to fit any customer’s budget and needs.

Equity Rental (Rent to Own)

Each payment goes toward a percent of purchase cost and your customer can purchase the equipment at any time.

Deferred Payments

This program allows your customer to defer payments for up to 12 months.

Step Payments

This lease has smaller monthly payments for the first year or two then payments step up for the rest of the term.  

Annual, Semi-Annual or Quarterly Payments

Various terms are available based on your preferences and customer’s particular needs.

Financing / Capital Lease

Terms from 12-84 months, customer owns the equipment at the end.  Customer receives all tax benefits, section 179, bonus depreciation and interest deduction. 

Operating Lease

Typically known as a Fair Market Value (FMV) Purchase Option, this acts more like an equipment rental where the equipment payments are considered as operating expenses and not tax deductions. The Lessee can purchase the equipment at the end of the term at the then FMV price, return the equipment or continue to rent the equipment.

Bundling / Pay-Per-Use Programs


Bundling has become a popular term in the equipment financing industry to help manufacturers sell ‚Äúcomplete package‚ÄĚ monthly payments to their customer. You can bundle certain services with the equipment (sometimes called soft costs in the industry) to simplify the sale to your customer.

Why Is Bundling Effective?
  • Equipment plus services combined into one program
  • Complete solution wrapped into one monthly payment
  • Fixed Payment for the entire financing term
  • One invoice covers everything

These services include, but are not limited to: maintenance, software, training, installation, reagents/disposables/consumables (healthcare), programming (automation), and other qualified services or soft costs.

Rental Programs


Monthly Fixed-Term Rental

Rent equipment monthly for a fixed term up to 84 months. Any time during the rental, your customer also can purchase the equipment.

Equity Rental

Long-term rental ranging from 6 to 60 months. The healthcare customer rents the equipment with a percentage of every payment made credited toward their purchase.

We can create variations on both above options to fit the budget and equipment needs of your customers!

Additional Options Are Available

Our equipment financing professionals are ready to help you to develop a program geared for your customers, and open up more opportunities to get your equipment into their hands.